How to decide on a wedding theme

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If you don’t have a wedding scrap book from your childhood like some women in movies have, you’re not the only one. Not everyone has planned every little detail of their wedding before even finding a loved one, but it doesn’t mean your wedding will be any less perfect. You have the chance to be creative and plan the most beautiful, fun, elegant and personal wedding - and it all starts with setting a theme!
We meet new brides all the time to discuss themes and possible cake designs, and here are some of our top tips for how to decide on a wedding theme:
  • Find your dream dress. If you’ve found your wedding dress, you can use this as inspiration. The style of the dress will most likely impact the theme, and the lackework and drapes on the dress can even match your wedding cake.

    Vintage Wedding Cake Bouquets and Lace Drape

  • Pick a colour. This is also a great starting point, as it’s much easier to do the rest of the work if you have a favourite colour in mind.

  • Decide on flowers. Many brides choose to use the same flowers in the bouquet, in the venue, and on the cake. On the cake, you can have either fresh flowers or sugar flowers.

    Elegant Wedding Cake Large Roses

  • Find the perfect venue. The venue will play an important part in choosing a theme, and if you go for a modern building your theme may be very different than if you go for a Victorian building.

    Unusual Wedding Cake Birdcage

  • Be inspired by celebrity weddings. Look through magazines and find photos of A-list table decorations and dresses. When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married, we had many brides turning up with photos of their wedding cake and wanting the same for their own dream day!
And when it comes to the cake: If you can dream it, we can create it!

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