Cakes Flavors

It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Kicca Cakes’ exciting designs are just the outer layer of your perfect celebration or birthday cake. To ensure that it tastes as good as it looks we use only the finest ingredients and offer an extensive range of recipes for you to choose from.

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Chocolate Cake

The ultimate cake for chocolate lovers,
dark moist sponge layered with rich chocolate cream. Naughty but oh so nice.

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Vanilla Raspberry Cake

A classic Victoria sponge flavoured with Madagascan vanilla bean syrup, layered with butter cream and raspberry jam.

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Salted Caramel Cake

Rich chocolate cake layered with homemade salted caramel sauce This cake is moist, showstoppingly beautiful, and sinfully decadent!

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Lemon Cake

A light lemon sponge layered with a zesty lemon butter cream and home made lemon curd. Limoncello liqueur can be added for extra twist.

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Red Velvet Cake

For fans of the classic red velvet cake, this cake layers fluffy sponge with creamy cheese frosting.

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Vanilla Chocolate Cake

A firm favourite with little ones, this soft, fluffy vanilla cake tastes especially great covered layered with chocolate cream.

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Baileys Cake

A delicious Baileys flavoured cream, sandwiched between layers of a moist chocolate sponge
You won't be able to stop eating this one!

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Tiramisu Cake

Inspired by the incredibly popular Italian dessert, this cake blends the flavours of espresso and mascarpone cheese in a mouth-wateringly moist creation.

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Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate sponge moist with Cointreau liqueur (optional), layered with orange jam and chocolate cream for the perfect fusion of mellow and zing.

SLICES   Standard portions are calculated as Party slices or Dessert portions
1 - Party slices, 75 gram slices, indicatively 2x2x1.5 inches
2 - Dessert portions, 150g indicatively 4x2x1.5 inches
3 - Small finger portions

All cakes contain: Gluten, Egg, Milk, Soya.
May contain traces of Nuts, Sesame.
Suitable for Vegetarians