Terms and Conditions


  • All my cakes may contain nut traces.
  • All cakes contain: Cow's milkeggssoyawheat and gluten
  • Suitable for vegetarian

Cakes should be placed on level non slip surface. Do not transport cakes tilting on car front or back seats. Cakes should be transported as quickly and smoothly as possible to required destination.
Do not refrigerate your cake. Store in a cool, dry place before serving. Ideally you should store your cake in the box it arrives in until required. Once cut, store in an airtight container.
Best Before
Your cake has a shelf life of one week (seven days) from the Date required which appears on your product order form.
For Best Serving Results
If you have candles and/or sparklers arrange these on the cake. Please adhere to safety instructions on sparkler packets. Please note; an adult should supervise children when using candles and sparklers and when cutting the cake. All edible and non-edible decorations should be removed before cutting and serving the cake. Cut cake with a clean sharp knife. 



Order details
All the details of the cake and relative services are agreed by email. 
The payment of the deposit confirms your agreement to the order under these terms and conditions.

Quotes and availability are valid for one week for celebration cakes or one month for wedding cake from the date of quotation.

For celebration cakes, deposit and timing can vary on order details. A small order could be paid in full on collection. If the cake is delivered to the client, payment must be received in advance.

For wedding cakes, a non- refundable £100 deposit is required to confirm the order or to secure our services for your wedding day.
 All the order details must be finalised 2 months before the wedding.
 The final non-refundable payment for your wedding cake is required no later than 4 weeks before the collection/delivery day.

Alterations and changes

Any amendments should be made in writing, by email.
 Some design changes or size changes can be made, up to but no later than 4 weeks before collection/delivery.
 If the alteration affects the cost, then your balance will be adjusted accordingly.

If the event is cancelled, we reserve the right to retain your deposit. In the event of cancellation 3 weeks before the original event date, we reserve the right to keep 75% of the total price, or if cancellation occurs 7 days or less prior to the event 100% of the value with be retained to cover the costs of production of the cake.
 Cancellation must be made in writing and will only be deemed to take effect from the date your letter or e-mail is received.

We retain the right to cancel the booking in very unusual circumstances beyond our control, in which case we will refund the full deposit or payment. (But don't worry; Kicca Cakes has never had to cancel a booking before!)

Stand hire
We supply cake stands for free. 
However, we require a refundable deposit. According on the stand model, the deposit can be between £80 and £150. This is held in your file until the stand is returned to us. It is your responsibility to return the stand to our studio within 3 working days from the event. In the event of late returns, we reserve the right to keep the full deposit, or parts of it. 

Non-edible Ingredients and Decorations
Our Goods may contain non-edible ingredients or decorations, such as dowels in tiered cakes or wires and sticks in some sugar flowers, figures and decorations. These must be removed before serving or eating.


Allergies and special dietary requirements
Cakes can be made by recipes that don’t include alcohol, egg, or nuts on request.
 However, these ingredients are used in our kitchens so we cannot guarantee that the cake is completely free of the allergens. All our products may contain traces of nuts, soy, sesame and other allergens.

Deliveries of small cakes within London are made by a trusted cab company. Prices are based on post code.

We offer the service to personally deliver and set up wedding or large celebration cakes, with the price being based on distance and time. It is your responsibility to ensure the caterer has a table ready for the set up at the agreed time. Delays can affect our ability to set up the cake or result in additional fees.

Alternatively, all cakes can be collected from our studio. If you choose to collect the cake, we will not be liable for any damage to the cake once it has left our studio.


If you wish to make a complaint to us or let us know any concerns after receiving the Goods, please do so by email. Evidence of any faults, damages or discrepancies should be included. Any refunds will be given entirely at our discretion.